Jaime Saavedra integra grupo para asesorar en políticas educativas

Jaime Saavedra integra grupo Atlantis formado por ex-ministros con la finalidad de asesorar a gobiernos en sus políticas educativas.


A new group of education experts named as Atlantis Group, comprising 20 former Education Ministers and Heads of State who will provide advice on global education issues to current governments, was launched at the Global Education & Skills Forum (GESF) 2017, in Dubai on Sunday.

Members of the global group include Arne Duncan, former United States Secretary of Education under President Obama, former United Kingdom Education Secretary Michael Gove, former Greek President George Papandreou, former Lebanese Minister Elias Bou Saab, and former Peruvian Minister and incoming Head of the World Bank Education team, Jaime Saveedra.

The group will act as an advisory body to education ministries around the world who are dealing with issues relating to education in their own country, drawing upon the views and experiences of members to provide the highest quality expertise and recommendations.

The group will be advised by Irina Bokova (Director-General, Unesco), Andreas Schleicher (Director of Education and Skills, OECD), and Professor Fernando Reimers (Faculty Director, International Education Policy at Harvard University).

Initially, the group will work on future of education leadership at all levels, including the political leadership.

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